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Trust and Estate Planning

Estate planning assures that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your assets and guarantees your legacy is distributed according to your wishes.  Our advisors are here to help you with the planning process, providing you with peace of mind, knowing your loved ones will be taken care of in the event you are no longer able.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Over 50 percent of Canadians do not have a Will or Power of Attorney.  Some may think they are too young, have minimal assets, or little money to justify the legal fees associated with drawing up a Will and Powers of Attorney.  One needs to consider the consequences of not having these documents in place beforehand.  The fees your loved ones must pay, for the courts to appoint someone as your estate trustee (also referred to as executor), may be more expensive than the legal fees paid now to prepare these documents.  It can take months to get court approval for an estate trustee, while in the meantime your money and assets will be frozen.  How will this affect your loved ones?  What if the courts appoint someone as estate trustee of your estate, or guardian of your children, whom you would not have personally chosen?  In the case of death, the beneficiaries of your estate assets will be determined under the Ontario Succession Law Reform Act.  Your intended loved ones may not be entitled to your entire estate.  Furthermore, family members, whom you would not want to inherit part of your estate assets, could end up with a share.

We recommend that no matter your age or circumstance, you make it a priority to have a Will and Powers of Attorney drawn up, sooner than later.  If you need assistance in getting started with the planning process, prior to meeting with your lawyer, contact Betty Anne Flynn, Certified Financial Planner, for advice. 

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Home, Auto, Family, Leisure or Retirement Planning

At Member Savings, we can sit down with you and offer advice on your Home, Auto, Family, Leisure, or Retirement related events. We have dedicated professionals trained to deal with whatever curve balls life may throw your way.  Whether it’s preparing for the unexpected costs that inevitably come up or planning out short and long-term goals, we are here to help. 

We can provide you with tools to show the home you can afford, compare mortgage terms and review finance options. Find out what type of vehicle you can afford. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, compare leasing vs. buying a car, new or used, luxury or more practical.

Going on vacation, getting married or having children, our dedicated financial planner is here to help with unexpected events helping you re-examine your financial situation. And of course, retirement advice. When you are ready to make a plan, come talk to us.

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