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You will want to have the following items handy to complete your application:

  • We will need your legal name, full address, social insurance number, phone numbers and email address. By law we are also required to obtain information regarding your occupation, citizenship and the intended use of this account.
  • Upon completion of your online application, a representative will contact you to arrange for signing of the account agreement.
  • If you would like to open a joint account, please submit two individual online applications and one of our representatives will contact you. Please inform them of both applicant’s names and your wish that the account be joint. We will then need to verify and collect individual identification for each individual.
  • To open your account, you are required to contribute $15.00 as your membership shares. This is your ownership in the credit union and allows you the right to attend all general meetings and vote on certain topics. This $15.00 will stay on permanent deposit in your account as long as your account remains open.

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About You

Contacting You

Your Address


Government Questions

Do you have Canadian Residency Status?
Are you a U.S. Citizen?
Are you a resident of the U.S. for tax purposes?
Have you, or has someone you're related to, ever held an office or position on behalf of Canada or a foreign state?
Are you employed in Ontario?
Are you a business owner or operator?

Third Party Declaration

Aside from any joint account applicant, are any other individuals or entity ("Third Party") entitled to give instructions and/or direct account activity? If you are acting on someone else's instructions, then that individual is considered a third party.

Third Party

What types of deposits do you expect into your account?


What methods will you use to deposit funds into your account?

Wire Transfer
Electronic transfer
What products are you interested in? (Please check all that apply)

Terms and Conditions

I AGREE that Member Savings Credit Union will verify all of the information provided and will process my personal cheque when it is received. I understand that the personal cheque must be drawn from my personal account, be made payable to me and must be in an amount equal to or greater than $15.00. Receipt of my signed personal cheque confirms my agreement to Member Savings Account Agreement Terms and Conditions and Personal Membership Consents, including obtaining a Full Personal Credit Report. Once my cheque has successfully cleared, and all appropriate documents have been signed, my account will be become active.

I also confirm that I have read the Personal Information Consent and I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time.

Please note that you must agree to the above statement in order to complete your application online. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-560-2218.

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