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Interac Flash® MEMBER CARD® debit card 

Introducing Interac Flash® MEMBER CARD® debit card - a contactless payment feature now available on your Member Savings MEMBER CARD® . Interac Flash® is a fast, secure and convenient way to pay for your small transactions simply by holding your enabled Interac Flash® MEMBER CARD® debit card in front of the reader at checkout. 

When you spot an Interac Flash® enabled payment terminal at checkout, follow these simple steps:

1)      Simply hold your Member Savings MEMBER CARD® debit card up to the payment terminal

2)      You will know when the payment has been accepted when it beeps or says “Approved” across the terminal screen

Call or visit us in branch to get your new Interac Flash® MEMBER CARD® debit card today!

Have a question? Visit our FAQ section for all your Interac Flash® answers.  Click here. 


The key to accessing our services is our all purpose ABM and credit union MEMBER CARD® debit card card. The MEMBER CARD® debit card also allows access to Interac and our ABM network in tandem with The EXCHANGE® Network, giving surcharge-free access to your accounts at thousands of locations. The MEMBER CARD® debit card is also fully covered by our Buyer Protection Program.

Travelling outside of Canada?
Notify us of your travel plans at least one week prior to departure and you will able to use your MEMBER CARD® debit card while you are away.

Mobile Banking

Download the app to get access to your accounts wherever you are. It is quick, easy, secure and available 24/7 through your mobile phone or tablet. View accounts, pay bills, transfer funds and much more…

How to Get the App 

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking gives you total online convenience. With 128-bit encryption, your financial transactions are secure and confidential. Internet Banking is fast, easy to use, and allows you around-the-clock access to your account.

  • Review your account transactions
  • Pay bills
  • Add or delete bills
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Send, receive and request Interac e-Transfer's
  • View and print eStatements
  • Purchase or renew GIC's
  • Get foreign exchange quotes
  • Download balances to Quicken MS Money & CSV
  • Update your e-mail address
  • E-mail your comments to us
  • Set up personalized account Alerts & Messages

Interac e-Transfers®

The simple, secure way to transfer money from anywhere to anyone. Send, request or receive money in a snap with Interac e-Transfer®. Members are now able to set up our NEW Autodeposit and Request Funds features!

Learn About Interac e-Transfers

Deposit Anywhere™

Deposit cheques with your smartphone, quickly and securely from just about anywhere. Tap our app, snap a picture of your cheque and press send.

That's it.

Learn More 


THE EXCHANGE® Network provides you convenient access at over 3,300 full service ATMs across the country, without paying additional surcharges.  Use the convenient ATM locator to find a machine near you.

ATM Locator 

MEMBER CARD® is a registered certification mark owned by Canadian Credit Union Association, used under license.

Telephone Banking

Our telephone banking service (416.640.0686 or 1.888.560.2218) is an easy way to access your accounts from anywhere. This 24-hour voice-prompted telephone banking service allows you to do most of your banking around-the-clock from any touch-tone telephone.

Branch Location

With a centralized location and expert staff, our branch staff is eager to handle all of your banking needs. Our members enjoy remote accessibility by phone or internet, from their homes, businesses, or anywhere in the world.

Our Locations