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Lending to MatchYour Perfect Fit

Personal Lending

Are you the type of person that prefers the structured fit of a loan, with predetermined payments and a final payment date?  Or do you like the flexibility of a line of credit, offering you a credit limit that you can advance and repay at any time with low, fluctuating minimum payments?

Rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach to lending, we tailor our offerings to the individual needs of our members. Our experienced staff will take the time to discuss loan solutions that work best for your needs. We know our members and take pride in finding ways to best solve their debt effectively. 

Get as Much or as Little as You Need

No matter what you need – a new car, vacation or overdraft protection – apply for as much or little as you need, any time. We accept personal loan and line of credit applications around the clock. Member Savings assists you by matching your payments to your payroll deduction or the direct deposit of your pay.

Not sure which option may be best for you?  Here are a few short questions to help you decide!

1)      Over the course of 6 months, do you find your pay fluctuates or stays the same?

          a)      Fluctuates - I often receive additional bonuses, sales commissions or find my hours can fluctuate.

          b)      Stays the Same - I receive the exact same amount each pay.

2)      Do you find that there are some months when you can’t pay off your credit card balance in full?

          a)      I sometimes carry a balance on my credit card and just make monthly payments.

          b)      I always carry a balance on my credit card and just make monthly payments.

3)      What is your main purpose for borrowing money?

          a)      I want to have something just in case of emergencies when I don’t have enough available cash on hand.

          b)      I want to buy a car or combine my credit card debt.

How Much Can You Afford to Borrow?

Talk to one of our lending specialist today to plan for a successful financial future. They will discuss the best option for you and your financial needs.

If you answered mostly A’s then a Line of Credit would be the best fit for you.  If you answered mostly B’s, then a more structured loan would be your perfect fit or perhaps a combination of both!  Whatever your fit and preference, we are here to help.  Talk to one of our lending professionals today to discuss your perfect fit. 

The Credit Card for You

Members get exclusive access to a Credit Union MasterCard, with direct approval through Member Savings. Use your Credit Union MasterCard to collect Choice Reward points, redeemable for merchandise and any type of travel—without blackout periods. See for details.

Lines of Credit for Whatever You Want

Member Savings Line of Credit

With a Member Savings line of credit (a pre-approved loan) we’ll advance funds, as required, up to your approved limit. Now you can renovate, consolidate, invest, or do whatever you want—with no annual fees. Your line of credit is completely open; you can pay it down in part or in full at any time.

Home Equity Line of Credit

You can also capitalize on the hard work you’ve put into building equity with a home equity line of credit. Member Savings provides this pre-approved loan at interest rates as low as prime, secured by a first or second mortgage.

Debt Management

Credit Comparison

Learn the difference between keeping your credit card debt or switching it to a Member Savings Consolidation Loan.

What is Your "Debt Age"?

Calculate how many years it will take until you are debt free.

The Debt Freedom Calculator 

Learn how to streamline all of your credit card debt and get debt free faster, with less interest.

Loans tailored to you.

We offer competitive rates, no matter what you need - a new car, holiday spending, family vacation, or funds to cover education costs - apply for as much or as little as you need. We are here to help you make your goals a reality.

We would also be happy to send you an application, if you wish. Repayments correspond to your pay dates, whether biweekly, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. We match your loan payments to your payroll deduction or the direct deposit of your pay. Life insurance, joint life insurance and creditors' disability insurance are all available.

*For a Limited Time OAC - some conditions apply.

Questions? Contact Us

or 1-888-560-2218

Quick Cash When Your in a Crunch

The Quick Cash loan was designed to assist members who require a small short-term cash advance.

It works like this:

  • You must have your pay deposited directly to the credit union or be on payroll deduction.
  • You may receive an advance of up to 1/2 of your Direct Deposit or Payroll deduction less any other credit union payment obligations (Loan, Mortgage, HB Insurance, Outbound AFT, Internal Transfer) to a maximum of $500.00.
  • All current loans and mortgages must be up-to-date at the time of advance.
  • Must be paid off at the next pay day. No portion of the advance can be carried over to the next pay period.

Questions? Contact Us

or 1-888-560-2218

A Line of Credit ensures funds are available when you need them.

A Line of Credit is like an on-going pre-approved loan. Funds are advanced, as required, up to your approved limit without having to re-apply. Enjoy this convenience without the service charges or stand-by fees of overdraft protection.

Repayment each month is based on the following factors:

  • An amount equal to 3% of the Line of Credit principal balance outstanding and any interest owing as of the 15th of each month. Interest is calculated daily on the balance and the number of days that balance was outstanding.
  • The payments are taken automatically from your chequing account on the 15th of each month. You may also apply additional funds to your Line of Credit anytime you wish.
  • This loan is completely open and can be partially or fully paid down at any time.

Apply today!

Questions? Contact Us

or 1-888-560-2218

The Freedom to Spend with the Bonus of Rewards

We are happy to offer an exclusive Credit Union MasterCard to our members, with quick and easy approval directly through Member Savings itself.

Use your Credit Union MasterCard to collect Choice Reward points that can be redeemed for travel and merchandise. Travel points may be redeemed for any type of travel without blackout periods. Check out Choice Rewards for card options and full details.

Already a Member Savings MasterCard holder?

Login to review your MasterCard account information online.

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or 1-888-560-2218

Do more with your RRSP

This is a line of credit separate from any regular LOC you may have, but used only to advance funds into your RRSPs with a minimum of fuss.

Once established, a simple call to our office is all that is required to advance the funds to the RRSP. The rate is locked at prime, in order to encourage members to build their retirement funds.

Questions? Contact Us

or 1-888-560-2218

Car loans for as low as 3.25%* on a new or pre-owned vehicle!

Don’t be fooled by a dealership loan promotion of 0% financing. Always do your research before signing a contract at 0% from your local car dealer. Going into the dealership with cash in hand from our low rate car loan promotion will get you the best overall price! Talk to us about how you can qualify for a car loan on any new or pre-owned car for 3.25% *

Not only will we help you with financing but this promotion applies to both brand new and pre-owned cars! (up to 2014) Worried about the monthly or bi weekly payments? On top of our great low rate we are also offering up to 7 years on a loan term to reduce the cost per month. We are here to help you get into the car you need, at the best price and rate possible.

Just talk to us.

*For a Limited Time OAC - some conditions apply.

Questions? Contact Us

or 1-888-560-2218